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Pergas is an association for all Asatizah in Singapore
We are committed to raising the quality of Islamic education and welfare of Asatizah
We empower individuals with structured Islamic education
We bridge the gap between Pergas, Islamic community and inter-faith organisations

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Various Pergas programmes, events, scholarships and financial aids are made possible through your donations.

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Your Zakat contributions will go a long way to help the eight Asnaf and improve the livelihoods of those in need.

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Whether you are an Asatizah, a student, a member of public or a company engaging in CSR, we welcome you to get involved.


Founded in 1957, Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association or Persatuan Ulama dan Guru-Guru Agama Islam Singapura (“PERGAS”) in Malay language is a charity body based in Singapore. We envision the development of Muslim community through credible leadership of Ulama and Asatizah. 


Pergas is committed to developing our religious leaders in guiding the community. Our areas of focus include Asatizah welfare and development, Islamic education, Dakwah outreach and research development.

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Islamic Education

Kick start your Islamic education with Pergas Institute for Islamic Education (IPIP).


Registration and details of the upcoming and past events, talks or seminars by Pergas.


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Facilities Rental

Multi-purpose classrooms beside Kembangan MRT up for rent at affordable rate.

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    Muhammad Fadhil Bin Azman
    "Thank you for your investment in students like myself, in making me getting closer to my career goals and aspirations."
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    Nuruljannah Binte Yang Rani
    “I would like to thank all donors for giving me this opportunity to return to Singapore and reunite with my beloved family. May Allah bless and reward you abundantly”.
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    Zahratur Rafiqah
    Beliau berharap dapat menyumbang semula kepada masyarakat Islam Singapura selepas tamat pengajiannya. Zahra bercita-cita untuk menyumbang dari segi penulisan ilmu dan pemahaman dinamik mengenai perundangan Islam dengan dunia kontemporari.
    Baca Lebih Lanjut
    Ustazah Samaniah
    "Bila ada bahagian dari Pergas tu, Alhamdulillah.. Rasa tak risau sangat. Tak banyak pun, sikit ada juga lah bantuan. Kata orang untuk tambah-tambah."
    Baca Lebih Lanjut
    A’ishah Binte Mohammad Bahrul Ulum
    “Indeed, the zakat given is like a door that opens up opportunities to seekers of knowledge. It is not only a motivation for us students to never give up on this journey; it is a lasting legacy for those who sincerely offer such help”
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    You can contribute zakat or make a donation through online payment, cheque, GIRO, NETS or cash. Visit this page for more details. 

    We currently accept only PayPal (to pay with your credit card, debit card or PayPal account) and NETS QR (to pay with NetsPay, DBS PayLah, OCBC Pay Anyone and UOB Mighty).

    You can follow us on Facebook to get our latest updates or visit this page to see how you can get involved. 

    You can find the list of Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) certified teachers in Singapore here

    Yes. You may visit our online bookshop here to browse our collections and pay online. Self-collection and delivery options are available.