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Asatizah of Today

In acknowledging the dynamism of the contemporary world, Pergas aspires to develop Asatizah who excel in multiple disciplines, steadfast and well-grounded in preserving and upholding the principles and traditions of Islam while internalising the dynamism of Islamic disciplines with social sciences.

Nowadays, Asatizah are also expected to assume common corporate values such as continuous learning, innovation and improvement, personal education, training and retraining, social involvement and development, cultivation of the spirit of compassion and many more.

To realize this vision, Pergas provides opportunities and platforms for the current Asatizah to continuously upgrade their skills and grooms the Asatizah of tomorrow, to ensure a generation of Islamic religious experts that will guide the community.

Mudarasah Asatizah | Pergas

Mudarasah Asatizah

This programme provides Asatizah with the introductory insights into various Islamic disciplines such as Takwil Hadis, Usul Fiqh etc. before they embark on deeper study into the disciplines.

Mujalasah Asatizah | Pergas

Mujalasah Asatizah

Mujalasah Asatizah is a platform for Asatizah to discuss the current issues concerning Islam and Muslims worldwide and their roles in embracing the issues.

Daurah Kitab | Pergas

Daurah Kitab

Daurah Kitab

Pergas post-graduate scholarships

Postgraduate Scholarships

The Pergas Post-Graduate Scholarships aims to nurture Asatizah into becoming Muslim scholars specializing in various fields of study who will in return serve and build the Singapore Muslim community.

Skills Development Workshop | Pergas

Skills Development Workshop

Skills Development Workshop

Asatizah of Tomorrow

YAA or also known as Young Asatizah Assembly is a unit from the Department of Religious Leadership, Pergas, that supports young Asatizah for their developments. YAA was previously known as Impian Pergas. The new name is more reflective of the programs offered and with the addition of the Madrasah full-time students. 

Bringing together Young Asatizah from full-time Madrasah to Undergraduate students, the mission of YAA is to develop young Asatizah experts in community outreach and Islamic studies to be the active contributor in the local scene. Hence, our roles are to provide the platform to enhance and develop their skills and capacity building. 


Imam, Bilal & Khatib Development Workshop

Bilal & Khatib Development Workshop


Career Preparatory Workshop

Career Preparatory Workshop


Pre-Departure Tausiyyah Program

Pre-Departure Program




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