Research Development


As Singapore Muslim community faces more challenges, Pergas acknowledges the need to address current socio-religious issues from the perspective of Islam and in the context of Singapore. Therefore, Pergas Research Development Department was formed in 2013 with the specific aim to provide a credible religious leadership through academic research, writings and discussions which focus on three main themes, namely religious leadership, Islamic education and Asatizah development. We release media statements concerning the latest pressing issues in Singapore regularly.

In addition, the department has also been entrusted with the role to preserve and sustain the legacy and heritage of local Asatizah and Islamic scholars alike. We undertake the documentation of Singapore Islamic heritage, focusing on the history and contributions of local Asatizah and Islamic scholars as well as bibliography of their writings. On the other hand, writing culture is also encouraged within the Asatizah community. Some of the publications include Jurnal Dakwah and Ar-Risalah (Pergas newsletter). With this, Pergas hopes for continuous effort in producing academic writings, dissertations and academic papers by local Asatizah.

To compliment Pergas Research Development, Syed Ahmad Semait Reference Library (SASRL) was launched in October 2013. SASRL is a special library that provides specialized information resources in Islamic, envisioned to benefit the asatizah, Pergas members and IPIP students.


Roundtable Discussion | Pergas

Round Table Discussion

A platform to gather asatizah, researchers and stakeholders to discuss and exchange views on contemporary socio-religious issues.

Knowing Our Thinkers | Pergas

Knowing Our Thinkers

Knowing Our Thinkers session is targeted at educating our community regarding the quality of Asatizah we possess here in Singapore and also to promote Asatizah written papers to the community.


Pergas Blog

Pergas Blog

An online resource page featuring a collection of articles by Asatizah and academics discussing on themes such as Moderation in Islam.



Ar-Risalah is a thematic quarterly magazine featuring the writings of our local asatizah with the aim to encourage and moulds writing culture within the asatizah community. The magazine also serves as a newsletter in sharing the latest updates and news on Pergas.

Jurnal Dakwah

Jurnal Dakwah

A bi-annual academic journal which publish writings of local asatizah and scholars on Islam and the Muslim community in Singapore.

Commentary Paper | Pergas


Pergas research commentaries aim to provide an analysis of socio-religious perspectives affecting Islam and Muslims. The view however may not necessarily represent the official position of Pergas and is the view of the author.


Syed Ahmad Semait Reference Library

Named after the late Ustaz Syed Ahmad Semait for his many contributions to the literary collection and translation of Islamic books, Syed Ahmad Semait Reference Library serves as the resource centre for works on and about Islamic heritage and thesis collections from the local Asatizah.

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