Give Sincerely, Benefit Eternally

Muhammad Fadhil Bin Azman
"Thank you for your investment in students like myself, in making me getting closer to my career goals and aspirations."
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Nuruljannah Binte Yang Rani
“I would like to thank all donors for giving me this opportunity to return to Singapore and reunite with my beloved family. May Allah bless and reward you abundantly”.
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Zahratur Rafiqah
Beliau berharap dapat menyumbang semula kepada masyarakat Islam Singapura selepas tamat pengajiannya. Zahra bercita-cita untuk menyumbang dari segi penulisan ilmu dan pemahaman dinamik mengenai perundangan Islam dengan dunia kontemporari.
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Ustazah Samaniah
"Bila ada bahagian dari Pergas tu, Alhamdulillah.. Rasa tak risau sangat. Tak banyak pun, sikit ada juga lah bantuan. Kata orang untuk tambah-tambah."
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A’ishah Binte Mohammad Bahrul Ulum
“Indeed, the zakat given is like a door that opens up opportunities to seekers of knowledge. It is not only a motivation for us students to never give up on this journey; it is a lasting legacy for those who sincerely offer such help”
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Support PERGAS in improving the lives and knowledge of the Muslim community and develop prominent scholars and distinguished asatizah to lead our ummah by spreading the love and knowledge to all in order to achieve Allah’s pleasure and blessings in this world and the hereafter.

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