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How Your Zakat and Donations Help Others

Ustazah Juma'ah Mohd Ali
“Ustazah Juma’ah, yang sedari dulu juga aktif mengajar sambilan di Pergas, turut merasakan bahawa skim bantuan bagi asatizah merupakan suatu inisiatif yang baik dari Pergas dalam usaha untuk menjaga kebajikan para asatizah."
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Ustaz Supendi Jamhada
“Saya amat menghargai sangat, sekurang-kurangnya dapat meringankan perbelanjaan Ustaz, seperti ubat-ubatan, susu, check-up doktor dan keperluan lainnya."
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Singaporean Students of USIM
The sudden closure of Singapore-Malaysia border has impacted study arrangements and graduation plans, particularly of Singaporeans pursuing Islamic studies in tertiary institutions in Malaysia.
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Muhammad Asyraaf Bin Ibrahim
Beliau, yang amat meminati subjek Hadis dan mengagumi tokoh ilmu Hadis Malaysia; Dr. Ahmad Kamil Jamilin dan Dr. Rozaimi Ramle juga merasakan bahawa belajar di luar negara dapat melatih untuk bersifat lebih terbuka.
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Muhammad Fadhil Bin Azman
"Thank you for your investment in students like myself, in making me getting closer to my career goals and aspirations."
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Ustazah Samaniah
"Bila ada bahagian dari Pergas tu, Alhamdulillah.. Rasa tak risau sangat. Tak banyak pun, sikit ada juga lah bantuan. Kata orang untuk tambah-tambah."
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The Welfare Unit in Pergas was established in 2000 with the objective of lifting the financial difficulties faced by the recipients of the financial aids. Over the years, this unit focuses on providing assistance mainly for Asatizah in need, Madrasah students and IPIP students.

Pergas is heartened by the continued trust and support of the Muslim community towards us. Your contribution has helped us in reaching out to those in need through various financial schemes.

Asatizah Financial Assistance

Asatizah Financial Assistance (AFA)

The objective of Asatizah Financial Assistance (AFA) is to support Asatizah with low income. We acknowledge the contributions of our veteran Asatizah and it is our priority to ensure that Asatizah’s welfare is well taken-care of as part of our mission in Pergas.

In addition, Asatizah with chronic illness who do not receive ample support from their family are also entitled to assistance from Pergas. We occasionally give out monetary incentives to Asatizah of full-time Madrasah yearly during the month of Ramadan.

Madrasah Students Adoption Scheme

Madrasah Students Adoption Scheme (MSAS)

Introduced in 2013, the Madrasah Students Adoption Scheme (MSAS) helps our full-time Madrasah students in paying their monthly school fees. Most of these students come from needy families. Pergas assists 72 students annually to ease their family burden.

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Ibnu Sabil Assistance Scheme (ISAS)

This financial assistace is offered to needy Singaporean students who are currently pursuing their studies in universities outside Singapore.


Educational Financial Assistance (EFA)

Educational Financial Assistance (EFA) is offered to current students at Institut Pengajian Islam Pergas (IPIP) to help them with their outstanding fees.

This ensures that more students are given the opportunity to attend a structured Islamic education.

Asatizah Development and Training Programs

Asatizah Development and Training Programs (ADT)

Asatizah Development and Training Programs (ADT) serve as a platform for Asatizah to discuss current issues involving Islam and Muslims worldwide and their roles in bracing up to it. More details

Pengasas Pergas

Pergas Endowmen Legasi Ulama (PERLU)

Pergas Endowmen Legasi Ulama (PERLU) is dedicated towards Pergas’ effort in developing a sustainable source of income that ensures financial stability and independence.

All your generous contributions to PERLU will be locked as capital. Subsequently, the capital invested allows for return which will be annually channeled to Pergas in support of its activities and services for the Muslim community.

Ultimately, you play an important part in securing a progressive economic growth for Pergas so as to strengthen the development and welfare of our asatizah, and uphold the legacy of our Ulama’.

Visit to learn more.

How to Contribute Zakat

Since 2001, Pergas has becamse a centre for collection and disbursement of Zakat. Your Zakat contributions will go a long way to help the eight Asnaf and improve the livelihoods of those in need.

Calculate Your Zakat Contributions

Contribution By Online Payment

Contribution By Bank Transfer

  • Transfer to Maybank Current Account: 04144000871

Contribution By PayNow

  • Transfer to UEN Number:  S57SS0012G871

Contribution By Cheque

  • Cross a cheque payable to “PERGAS-ZAKAT” 
  • Fill in the contribution slip below
  • Mail it to our address: Pergas, Wisma Indah, 448 Changi Road #03-01 Singapore 419975

Other Contribution Methods

  • Nets or Cash at our office

How to Make Donations

Various Pergas programmes, scholarships and financial aids are made possible through your donations. Read more on how your donations help and benefit others.

Donation By Online Payment

Donation By Bank Transfer

  • For general donation: Transfer to Maybank Current Account: 04214000089
  • For PERLU: Transfer to OCBC 51508638700

Donation By PayNow

  • For general donation: Transfer to UEN Number S57SS0012G001
  • For PERLU: Transfer to UEN Number: S57SS0012G002

Donation By Cheque

  • For general donation:
      • Cross a cheque payable to “PERGAS” 
      • Fill in the contribution slip below. Choose ‘Pergas General Fund’.
      • Mail it to our address: Pergas, Wisma Indah, 448 Changi Road #03-01 Singapore 419975
  • For PERLU:
    • Cross a cheque payable to “PERLU”
    • Fill in the contribution slip below.
    • Mail it to our address: Pergas, Wisma Indah, 448 Changi Road #03-01 Singapore 419975

Donation By GIRO

  • Fill in the following GIRO application forms for your desired causes:

Other Donation Methods

  • Nets or Cash at our office

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