Community Dakwah Outreach


Pergas’s Community Dakwah Outreach Department aims to instill proper awareness and relevant networking among the various Muslim organizations and student bodies based on Taa’ruf and Ta’aun.

Our mission is to enhance and propagate proper understanding and awareness; and create catalyst of dakwah based on Islamic traditions of Ilmu (Knowledge), Amal (Practice), Al-Khauf (Fear of Allah), Al-Wara (Abstinence) and Ikhlas (Doing something for the sake of Allah alone).

We strive to better serve the community, stem mutual alliances and bridge the gap between Pergas, the Muslim community and other inter-faith organisations.

Insan Muslih Grant

Insan Muslih Grant aims in providing seed funding to promote and inculcate Islamic values and morals, especially among the youths, families and Malay Muslim community at large. The grant will prioritise dakwah projects that promotes the framework of Wasatiyyah in Islam.

Creative Dakwah Grant

Creative Dakwah Grant aims is to address the social problems faced by our Singapore Muslim community by encouraging them to practice Wasatiyyah when resolving current issues. It also seeks to encourage local talents to spread dakwah creatively through video and reach a wider audience online.

Wacana Ilmiah

Wacana Ilmiah

Wacana Ilmiah is an intellectual discourse in which Asatizah present and discuss thought-provoking topics to the community. Previous topics that have been discussed:

  • Ikhtilaf Umat Islam: Satu Pengenalan
  • Ingin Berikhtilaf, Bagaimana Caranya?
  • Berpecah kerana Berikhtilaf, Realiti Masyarakat di Singapura
  • Madzhab, Suatu Sejarah atau Realiti?
  • Sejarah dan Perkembangan Mazhab Fiqah ASWJ
  • Kontektual Fatwa Semasa – Memahami Perbezaan Ijtihad Para Ulama
  • Ijtihad & Mazhab dalam Konteks Singapura – Etika dalam Memahami & Menghargai Perbezaannya
  • Kepelbagaian & Keteladanan – Imam Al Ghazali & Ibnu Taimiyah
  • The Fallacies of Extremism

Pergas Radio

A variety of exciting programmes playing on air 24/7 for the community. Listen to timely azan callings, Quran recitation, tazkirah and many more. Full schedule available at the button below.

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