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At Pergas, we believe that charity is a means of social justice. Zakat contribution from the community to Pergas has brought it a long way in its efforts of serving needy and under-privileged Muslim families who fall within the category of Fakir Miskin of the Zakat beneficiary category.

Financial Aids are given in the form of Monthly disbursements, Fidyah and Ramadhan Zakat Disbursement. Besides provisional monetary assistance, Madrasah Students Adoption Scheme (MSAS) is given to full time Madrasah students from needy and dysfunctional families. Under this scheme, Pergas offers to assist in paying for the students’ monthly school fees.

In addition, Pergas also provides financial assistance to the asatizah-in-need and occasionally gives out monetary incentives to asatizah of full-time Madrasah.

Apart from financial aids, Pergas holds weekly religious and motivational talks and bi-monthly developmental activities for its low-income zakat recipients. Through these programmes, the recipients are encouraged to appreciate their duties as responsible Muslims and manage their finances wisely.

The programmes conducted by the Pergas Welfare & Membership Unit are wide-ranging, from offering Educational Financial Assistance (EFA) to needy students who attend Pergas in-house courses such as SPI and SLPI as well as weekly religious classes, to sharing sessions to help ex-inmate Muslim brothers (Prison Muslims Fellowship) to regain their inner strength and instil confidence in them. The unit also handles Pergas’ membership from its registration to the privileges.

All Singaporeans are welcomed to join Pergas as a member under the ordinary or associate member categories. As of today, Pergas has a total of 600 members and the number is expected to increase annually.

For more details on welfare, please click here.