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The Welfare Unit in Pergas was established in 2000 with the objective of lifting the financial difficulties faced by the recipients of the financial aids. Over the years, this unit focuses on providing assistance mainly for Asatizah in need, Madrasah students and IPIP students.

Pergas is heartened by the continued trust and support of the Muslim community towards us. Your contribution has helped us reached out to those in need through various financial schemes.

Asatizah Financial Assistance

The objective of Asatizah Financial Assistance (AFA) is to support and acknowledge the contributions of our veteran asatizah and also to support the low-income salary asatizah. Our priority is to keep asatizah’s welfare well-organized and taken care of as part of our mission in Pergas. Apart from that, asatizah with chronic illness and have not enough support from their children will receive assistance from Pergas.

Pergas also occasionally gives out monetary incentives to asatizah of full-time Madrasah yearly during the month of Ramadan.

Madrasah Students Adoption Scheme

Pergas introduced this scheme in 2013. This scheme helps our full time Madrasah students that came from needy and dysfunctional families. Pergas offers to assist in paying for the students’ monthly school fees. Pergas assisted 72 students yearly.

Educational Financial Assistance

On a side note, EFA has been implemented in Pergas to assist the current students who are taking our Institute Pengajian Islam Pergas (IPIP) programmes. This initiative has helped our in-house students in paying their outstanding fees.

Asatizah Development and Training Programs

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