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Islamic Education

Islamic Education


Institut Pengajian Islam Pergas (IPIP) or Pergas Institute for Islamic Education was established to provide structured higher level Islamic education for the Muslim community in Singapore.  IPIP aims to promote comprehensive life-long learning initiatives in raising the standards of Islamic education in Singapore. The institution receives a high number of new enrolments every year that includes graduates from full-time Madrasahs, working adults, full-time homemakers and even retirees.

Among the programmes offered by IPIP, includes the modular Arabic Language courses, and Certificates, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate programmes in Islamic Studies. One of the most popular programme is the Bachelor in Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Heritage (BIRKH) which is offered in collaboration with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Having the ultimate aim of raising the standards of Islamic education in Singapore, Pergas sits on the preterm committee of Private Islamic Education Centre Committee facilitated by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS).

Visit our ipip.sg for more info.

IPIP’s part-time academic programmes:

Program Takrif Islam

A 6-month programme which provides basic theoretical and practical guidelines for matured students who have yet to undergo any formal Islamic education. On top of learning how to perform their daily acts of worship, students may choose to progress to SPI level upon course completion.

Medium: Malay

Sijil Pengajian Islam

A 12-month programme which aims to equip students with the required understanding of the fundamentals of Islamic and Qur’anic knowledge. Students who have attained a recognised Fardu ‘Ain courses equivalent to PTI will be exposed to additional learning content that would supplement their existing knowledge of Islam.

Medium: Malay

Sijil Lanjutan Pengajian Islam

An 18-month programme conducted which offers a variety of Islamic subjects pertaining to various aspects of our lives as Muslims including economical, social, political, and educational issues. Those who have successfully completed our SPI course or equivalent are welcome to leap further into the ocean of Islamic knowledge laid out for them.

Medium: Malay

Diploma Pengajian Islam

An 18-month programme which provides greater detail and explanation on the tools to understand and analyze issues pertaining to Islamic knowledge. Students will be given the chance to recognize the importance of Dakwah, spreading Islam and its knowledge on both individual and communal levels, for the betterment of the Ummah.

Medium: Malay

Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage

A 4.5-year programme which offers students crucial elements to comparative approach in the study of Islamic Heritage, Thought and Other Religions on the basis of Usul al-Din. In addition, it offers courses in line with the nation’s aspirations such as racial harmony, religious tolerance and moderation in leading one’s life as an exemplary Muslim.

Medium: English



Arabic Language

The Arabic language course emphasizes on training students to attain four linguistic skills namely listening, reading, writing and speaking. This program offers an opportunity to acquire the language beginning from basic to advance level. The entire course content is spread out into 9 modules which ultimately provide an opportunity for students who may be interested to sit for Arabic Language subject for GCE ‘O’ levels.

Qur’ānic Studies

This course aims to provide the required platform in gaining theoretical and practical knowledge in Qur’anic recitation with proper tajwid. Students who are interested to read the Quran based on the Sanad will sit for entry test.

Successful students may also qualify to sit for the “Qur’anic Teacher Recognition Scheme (QTRS)” examination.

Arabic Calligraphy Intensive

Arabic calligraphy course involves required teaching of the method of writing Arabic and Jawi letterings in the proper way, beginning from basic all the way to advance level. Having the ability to enliven the spirit of Islamic civilization through writing texts and scriptures, the teaching instructor will guide those who love art to a wonderful and fulfilling journey.