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Community Dakwah Outreach

Community Dakwah Outreach


Community Dakwah Outreach Department is based on Taa’ruf and Ta’aun, which is aimed at instilling proper awareness and relevant networking among the various Muslim organizations and student bodies.

Our mission is to enhance and propagate proper understanding and awareness and creating catalyst of dakwah by empowering the proper tools based on Islamic traditions of Ilmu(Knowledge), Amal(Practice), Al-Khauf(Fear of Allah), Al-Wara(Abstinence) and Ikhlas(Doing something for the sake of Allah alone).

We strive to better serve the community, stem mutual alliances and bridge the gap between Pergas, the Muslim community and other inter-faith organisations.

Our Programmes:

Insan Mukmin

This programme aimsto provide our Muslim Offenders the necessary skill set of an Insan Mukmin, support their reintegration back into the family circle and community and decrease their addictiveness towards substance use and immoral related activities with the new found knowledge.

Insan Muslih Grant

This grant aims to provide seed funding to promote and inculcate proper spiritual pathways of the Muslim Ummah in Singapore, especially among the youths, poor & needy families and our Muslim Community at large. To apply click here.

Wacana Ilmiah

An intellectual discourse where asatizah present and discuss thought-provoking topics to the community. Previous topics that have been discussed:

  • Ikhtilaf Umat Islam: Satu Pengenalan
  • Ingin berikhtilaf, bagaimana caranya?
  • Berpecah kerana berikhtilaf, Realiti masyarakat di Singapura
  • Madzhab, suatu sejarah atau realiti?
  • Sejarah dan perkembangan Mazhab Fiqah ASWJ
  • Kontektual Fatwa Semasa – Memahami Perbezaan Ijtihad Para Ulama
  • Ijtihad & Mazhab Dalam Konteks Singapura – Etika Dalam Memahami & Menghargai Perbezaannya
  • Kepelbagaian & keteladanan – Imam Al Ghazali & Ibnu Taimiyah

Majlis Al-Hadyun Nabawi

A bi-monthly programme co initiated by Pergas &Majlis Al Muwosalah with the permission of Sayyidi Al Habib Umar Bin Muhammad Bin Salim Bin Hafiz whichaims to impart beneficial knowledge to help heighten the Imaan of the community.

The programme falls on every 2nd & 4th wednesday of the month with reading of hadiths from Kitab Riyad as-Salihinby Al Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin Al Hamid (Pembimbing Majlis Ta'alim Darul Murtadza, Kuala Lumpur) and chapters from Kitab An-Nasihah as-Diniyyah wal Washaya al-Imaniyah by Al Habib Jindan Bin Novel Bin Jindan(Pengerusi Yayasan Al Fachriyah, Jakarta).

Ihya Ramadan

A yearly Qiyamullail programme held during the last ten nights of Ramadan at different mosques.