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Asatizah Development and Training

Asatizah Development and Training


In acknowledging the dynamism of the contemporary world, the Asatizah Development and Training Department of Pergas aims to provide asatizah; from tertiary scholars to professionals, the opportunity to continuously upgrade their skills. We also recognise the need for asatizah to be equipped in multi-disciplines.

Pergas aspires to develop asatizah who are steadfast and well-grounded in preserving and upholding the principles and traditions of Islam while internalising the dynamism of Islamic disciplines with the social sciences. Nowadays, asatizah are also expected to assume corporate values such as Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement; Personal Education, Training and Retraining; Social Involvement and Development and Cultivating the Spirit of Compassion.

Our programmes

Post-Graduate Scholarships

The Pergas Post-Graduate Scholarships aims to nurture asatizah into becoming Muslim scholars specialising in various fields of study who will in return serve to the benefit of our Singapore Muslim community.

You can download the form here

Mulazamah Asatizah 2.0

This programme features experienced renowned asatizah who share their experiences and expertise in their field of study, with beginning asatizah. This is with the hope that the inexperienced will reap the benefit of their knowledge in practising dakwah in the current context and as a result, strengthening the dakwah fraternity.

Mudarasah Asatizah

This programme aims to provide asatizah with an introductory insight of an Islamic discipline such as, Takwil Hadis and Usul Fiqh, before they embark on its deeper study.

Mujalasah Asatizah

A platform for asatizah to discuss current issues involving Islam and Muslims worldwide and their roles in bracing up to it.

Majlis Talaqqi

A session that uses the traditional approach to an Islamic lesson, guided by the Turath and led by scholars who provide better explanatory to the text.

Specialized Asatizah Training Program

Pergas also provides specialised training for Prison Counsellors and Rehabilitation Work, Andragogical Teaching for Adult Learners, Methods of Teaching Fiqh and Aqidah, among others.

IttihadMahasiswaPengajian Islam Antarabangsa (IMPIAN)

International Islamic Undergraduates Union

Among our programmes:

a. MajlisTausiyyah
A session of motivational talk and acknowledgement for the future scholars who will be furthering their studies in tertiary level.

b. Muslimah’s Tea Time
A platform to discuss current issues pertaining to Muslimah and providing tips and guidance in preserving Islamic values and ethics while dealing with these issues.