Siti Hajar Mohamed Yasin

I am very thankful for the help. Only Allah can bless all your kindness in this world and the hereafter.

Siti Hajar Mohamed Yasin


Siti Hajar is known as a very diligent girl. She is very active and hardworking. Whenever she is entrusted with a task, she will make sure that she completes it well and on time. Mdm Suriyati is proud of how Siti Hajar has been performing. She always seems motivated in everything that she does.

Siti Hajar has been preparing well for her O levels. She keeps practicing her Ten Year Series and makes sure that she is familiar with it. She attends an Arabic Language tuition as a supplement for her O levels. Sometimes, she would ask her asatizah at school for guidance. She would also ask her brother to assist her whenever she needs his assistance. She definitely knows her priorities and responsibilities well. She believes that people who receive any form of assistance has to act responsibly. She considers the financial assistance as an act of investment, therefore, it has to be of good use.

Voluntary work is one of the best platforms in giving back to society It helps one to be better individual as well as his/her community. Siti Hajar feels that one does not need to wait for the future before they can contribute to society. Even though she has a dream of being an Ustazah later on by spreading and sharing knowledge to the community, she also thinks of voluntary work.

Her brother has been an inspiration to herself. Having similar interest and strength in the Ukhrawi field, she would love to pursue her studies in one of the Arab countries after Pre-University level. She feels that the best way for her to excel is to brush up on every skill and knowledge she has, especially ones she is good at.

Mdm Suriyati believes that parents should always be supporting and motivating their children in whatever good they do. In order for the children to succeed, they should not be told of their passion. It should come naturally.


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