Zakat Harta

Your Zakat contributions will go a long way to help the eight Asnaf and improve the livelihoods of those in need.

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Zakat Intention:
This amount S$ as fulfillment of Zakat on wealth, which is obligatory on me/my family for the year ended for Allah Ta’ala.

Wang sebanyak S$ ini sebagai menunaikan Zakat harta, yang wajib ke atas diri/keluarga saya untuk tahun berakhir

Choose at least one year.
Enter the name for whom the Zakat is paid for.
Fill your name for self, or the person you are paying on behalf of.

Note: If you would like to specify the Asnaf to include or exclude, you may specify under the Order Notes at the checkout page.

Zakat Calculator

If you are unsure about the value to contribute, please click here to calculate your Zakat.

Thank you for your kind contribution.
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