Gracious Package

Economic Impact of Covid-19

With the temporary closure of mosques and suspension of large-group events and classes due to Covid-19, over 200 asatizah will be economically impacted. These asatizah are those who are either independent, self-employed or without any full-time employment in Singapore. Their main source of income is from conducting religious activities and classes.

To ensure that the welfare of local asatizah is well taken care of especially in times of crisis and uncertainty, Pergas rolled out Gracious Package (GP) on 20 March 2020.

Who Qualified?

They are asatizah who are not under any full-time employment. They can be self-employed, independent and doing freelance teaching at their own capacity to fulfill invitation by mosques, madrasah, IECP and others. They may be active and semi-active on the ground. They must be ARS certified.

Here are the packages being offered:

Daurah Kitab | Pergas


For Pergas members

  • $400 one-time payment
  • $180 – $300 for subsequent months (3 – 6 months only)


For non-members, conducting religious classes in mosques

  • $250 one-time payment
  • $150 for subsequent months (3 – 6 months only)


For non-members, conducting religious classes in IECP, madrasah and others

  • $150 one-time payment
  • $100 for subsequent months (3 – 6 months only)
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GP Plus

For supplementary support to affected asatizah

  • Publication
      • $50 – $100 for every article published on Pergas media outlets
      • Limited to 3 submissions only per person
      • Subjected to approval of articles
      • $100 for subsequent months (3 – 6 months only)

  • Training & Mentoring
      • Train and mentor other asatizah on how to utilize online platform
      • $50 / hour (Maximum 3 hours)
      • With reference to Pergas online platform chart / manual

Enhanced Gracious Package

Pergas is enhancing its Gracious Package to help asatizah navigate through significant uncertainty caused by Covid-19. The Enhanced Gracious Package (GP) will provide additional support for asatizah beyond the pandemic. Pergas hopes to aid asatizah on the road to economic recovery by preparing them for digital transformation and enhancing their employment and employability.

Download the infographic below to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a supporting letter from Pergas to apply for SIRS?

The supporting letter from Pergas is to verify your proof of income, status of employment and financial hardship. It will be useful if you are teaching as freelance asatizah in various locations such as mosques and houses. Instead of having multiple letters issued by each mosque and individual you are teaching, Pergas will be able to prepare a single supporting letter consisting of all the details required as part of the supporting documents for your SIRS application. This Letter of Verification will also be useful if you do not have any written documents to prove your income and status as Self-employed Person (SEP).

2. Can I apply for Pergas Postgraduate Scholarship if I am already eligible for the Enhanced GP?

The eligibility for Enhanced GP is different from the prerequisite to apply for Pergas Postgraduate Scholarship. To apply and find out more about the scholarship we offer, please click here.

3. As a Part-time Imam at Masjid Hjh Fatimah, how do I apply for SIRS?

If you are an SEP, you may learn more about SIRS at

4. Once I have applied for Pergas membership, do I have to wait for approval before I can apply for SIRS and Care Fund?

Yes, the approval process will take about 2 weeks. There is no deadline yet for the application of SIRS. If you apply for Pergas membership and submit all necessary documents before the end of May, you will receive the membership conformation by June. As a member of Pergas you will receive a Letter of Verification from Pergas for your SIRS application and enjoy 50% co-funding of the monthly NTUC membership fee for up to 6 months. You can also access exclusive benefits and privileges as a member of Pergas and NTUC.

5. I was a Pergas member but I am no longer active. How do I check my status?

You may send an email to to enquire on your status of membership. Current active paid members are automatically entitled to our Enhanced GP while non-active members are required to fill in and submit the membership GIRO form to benefit from the Enhanced GP.

6. How do I become an NTUC member? 

You may head over to to learn more. However, if you want to obtain the 50% co-funding of NTUC membership from Pergas, you are required to sign up for Pergas membership before applying NTUC membership.

7. I would like to listen to the session again, how do I do so? And is there any way the sessions can be presented in English?         

You may wish to visit for FAQs on Enhanced GP and the process flowchart. Both documents are in English.

8. I am unable to print the Membership Application form. Is there any way I can do so online?

Pergas Membership Application form can be downloaded in PDF. You may complete the form without having to print it. You may use the Fill & Sign section of PDF and submit the completed form along with required documents to

9. What is the next step after being a PERGAS member?

Please refer to the Enhanced GP Process Flowchart.

10. If I am eligible for SIRS, however the amount I received from Pergas Gracious Package is enough to cover my financial loss due to Covid-19, am I still encouraged to apply?

We are glad to hear that you are able to sustain your livelihood given the assistance from Pergas GP. Having said that, only you can determine the full extent of your financial situation and decide whether you need to apply for any other form of assistance including SIRS.

11. What is the minimum age for Asatizah to attend the Digital Transformation trainings customized for Pergas under Enhanced GP?

SEP Asatizah need to be 21 years old and above.

12. What is the next step after submitting the Form 144, as I have yet to receive any reply from IRAS?

Before you fill up IRAS Form B or Form 144 based on your annual Net Trade Income (NTI), you may wish to prepare a valid Singpass and supporting letter from Pergas. For more details on the steps, please visit

13. If I do not become a member of Pergas, can Pergas still issue a supporting letter for me to apply SIRS?

Enhanced GP is open to Pergas existing members and new members who are SEP asatizah.

14. Where can I find out more on the NTUC SEP Training Support Scheme? And will all the SkillsFuture courses I registered be eligible for full sponsorship?

You can visit Do note that only the Digital Readiness course customized for Pergas is eligible for full sponsorship by Pergas.

GP Stimulus

The central focus of GP Stimulus is employment and employability of asatizah. It will continue to support self-employed asatizah who remain affected by the restrictions of religious activities at mosques, IECPs and private homes. The programme is centered to cover the following areas:

  • Job shadowing
  • Attachment
  • Internship
  • Certified agents under PIH

It aims to provide career opportunities (Q4 2020 – 2021) to self-employed asatizah and fresh graduates of Islamic studies from.

This will help them develop industry-relevant skills despite the current economic climate, and boost their employability in preparation for the eventual economic recovery.

How can freelance asatizah benefit?

Asatizah will gain valuable experience working in private and voluntary sectors. Asatizah who have undergone industry related trainings under Enhanced GP will be selected to undergo job shadowing for 3 months before being selected for an attachment or internship programme under the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme – Enterprise Attachment, SGUnited Traineeships Programme and Pergas Graduate Internship Programme (GP edition). The attachment and internship period will be between 2-6 months.

How to apply?

Asatizah to apply via and type PERGAS #SGUP #SGUnitedTraineeships or email your interest and resume to and indicate #GPstimulus in your email subject.

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